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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 24, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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home for practically just your signature. sign. then drive. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends january 2nd. visit today live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> 'twas the night before christmas and all across the bay, wood burning is banned through at least christmas day. good evening and merry christmas. i'm dan ashley. some believe tonight that the
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air quality management district is playing grinch, extending a spare the air alert through tomorrow. and not everyone is very happy about it. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard has the not so jolly story. >> it's important for everyone's health that we give the gift of clean air this season. >> reporter: it's a very smoggy holiday across the bay area. air quality officials say don't even think of using your fireplace christmas eve or christmas day. spare the air alerts have been called. >> we have no wind. we have no rain. and unfortunately, it's just capping all of our bad air quality and keeping it right here in the bay area. >> everyone wants clean air, but breaking tradition without a fire on christmas is a tough sell. >> it's christmas. we have a bunch of clean air regulations. we could let that slide of all things. >> reporter: air quality officials get a lot of complaints. here are just a few they have received on their website. you people make me sick. it's christmas. people light fires.
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and there is this one. you socialists, you want to control everyone, followed by an expletive. >> people are angry. they feel like there is a tradition to burn on christmas. but people need to breathe. >> martha agrees. >> if you go out there and try to do some type of walk organize exercise like i'm trying to do, i'm having a hard time breathing. so you know what? we need to spare the air. >> a dramatic drop in firewood sale, definitely. >> firewood is gathering guest in bernal heights. gas fireplaces are hot sellers at warm solutions. >> gas inserts are the way people are going now. people are afraid to make an investment in wood burning because of the spare the air days. >> gas fireplaces can run from $3,000 to $5,000. but if you're caught burning wood on a spare the air day, it's a $100 fine. $500 if it happens again. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> so how bad is the air going
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to be? meteorologist sandhya patel is here with live doppler 7 hd. it's a shame to spare the air on christmas, but that's the way it goes, i guess. >> absolutely, dan. i wish it could have been another day. but i can't tell you that because of the stagnant weather pattern. as you look at live doppler 7 hd, cloudy skies are clear right now. and i do want to show you the conditions as we look across the bay from the east bay hills camera. air quality not so good. it is expected to be actually unhealthy in the santa clara valley, pour across the rest of the bay areas. so no wood burning is allowed right on through tomorrow. and one of the reasons for this is high pressure offshore flow. it's a down sloping wind that is continuing to even the pollutants trapped near the surface. we don't have the ocean breeze. today moffett field 71. san rafael 66. gilroy tied its record at 72. and we have plenty of 60s and 70s. unseasonably mild for this time of the year. more records are likely as we head into christmas day. and don't you worry.
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i'm not just tracking the weather. i'm tracking santa's whereabouts. i'll be back with a look at that in just a few minutes. dan? >> i want to know where he is now. sandh sandhya, thanks very much. thousands of gifts will not arrive until after christmas after ups became overwhelmed by the large number of packages and bad weather in other parts of the country. ups released a statement today saying the volume of the packages in our system exceeded the capacity of our network as demand was much greater than forecast. ups insists only a small percentage won't make it. they would not say how many. ups will not make any deliveries on christmas day, but crews will sort packages tomorrow night for delivery on thursday. well, by now the holiday shopping season has pretty much come to an end for most retailers. there are a few open until 11:00 tonight. but so far people are doing a lot of their shopping online. ibm analytics is reporting an 37% surge over last year, while
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in-store sales were down 3.1%. abc 7 news reporter david louie is in san jose. >> you might call this the mall of last resort. it's too late to order a gift online. so this is where shoppers must turn to insure a present is under the tree in the morning. surprisingly, some shoppers will wire. >> i've been to the mall for the last five days. >> you've been shopping for five straight days. >> yes, i have. >> and you're still not done? >> nope. more to do. >> if excuses abound for procrastination, the economy was cited by many. >> we're more busy this year because of the pickup in the economy. so normally i would have had my shop dung by now. >> nationwide retail analysts say in-store shopping has taken a hit this year as more people take advantage of ordering online, often with free delivery. however, in-person shopping still generates the majority of the $602 billion expected to be spent. the key has been discounts. some shoppers just won't spend unless they get a good deal.
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>> yeah, i'm actually finding really good deals today. i found a whole bunch at macy's. i'm pretty happy right now. >> 20% off or better? >> 20% off. and then 50% off on some other items too. >> some items seem to be discount in order than others. >> especially children's toys and things like that and movies. and anything to do with christmas. is really marked down pretty good. >> linda from soledad bought a lot of chocolate. >> if i buy one, get half off the second one. it's a great deal. >> gift cards remain popular on christmas eve, partly out of desperation, but also because they stretch buying power. the big question is whether some of the markdowns will be this good after christmas. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. new warnings from target tonight about that massive data breach so many people are concerned about. target says it has learned the scam e-mails are going out, preying on those concerned that their credit or debit card
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information was stolen. remember, 7 on your side's michael finney warned of this possibility last week. target says you should be wary of e-mails from people offering to protect you. most are just trying to get your personal information. the company says the only official source of information about the breach is on target's website. now, we have posted a link at abc 7 just click see it on tv. well, there is still time to bring christmas cheer to children across san francisco. ♪ this is lefty o'doul's at union square in the city, where the toy collection drive is still under way as we speak. isn't that festive? how cool is that? even on christmas eve, toys are still needed this late in the game to meet the need this year. it's an annual tradition at lefty's. it's called the last chance toy drive. organizers are hoping to collect
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more than 10,000 toys for kids who may otherwise not get a present for christmas. >> when a kid gets a toy for christmas, it gives them some hope and stuff. and a young person like that to wake up and see there is no santa claus and no toys. so santa claus, if you're out there, we need your help. >> the toy drive continues through last call at 2:00 a.m. san francisco police and firefighters will distribute donated toys tomorrow. and san francisco firefighters joined forces with santa to gather toys today. volunteers from san francisco firefighters local 798 came together at the handlery union square hotel for a last-minute toy drive. santa and some elves, there they are, were on hand to make it a very special event for children, big and small who came by. at least two full barrels of toys were collected in just a couple of hours. happy holidays to everybody. >> and san francisco residents who need a little help dined on prime rib at glide memorial
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church today. joe betz and his family from house of prime rib donated about 2,000 pounds to glide. that's enough to feed 3,000 people. the christmas eve meal is a long-standing tradition at glide, as we report every year. the church partners with the restaurant to offer a free lunch of prime rib, creamed spinach, mashed potatoes, rolls, as well as some dessert. very nice gesture. well, we have a lot more to get to on this christmas eve on abc 7 news at 9:00. they're calling it a christmas eve miracle. an east bay family whose stolen gnomes that are just irreplaceable for sentimental reasons are home for the holidays. also, we'll join a bay area family as they greet their newest feisty addition days after she was stolen from a shelter. and an east bay woman with the true spirit of christmas. her biggest gift tomorrow will be to give all of this away. but she could use more
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i'm leyla gulen. the holidays usuly mean light traffic but also mean lots of celebrating. remember, keep your holidays safe and don't drink and drive. get your traffic updates weekday mornings starting at 4:30.
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a judge ruled today a 13-year-old girl can be taken off life support after a court-appointed doctor confirmed that she is in fact brain dead. jahi mcmath suffered a heart attack following surgery to remove her tonsils on december 9th. doctors revived her, but she has shown no signs of any brain activity. children's hospital cannot take mcmath off life support for now. that's because jahi's family has until monday to appeal today's ruling. they're also considering moving her to another facility. a driver captured a drag race on video moments before one of the street racers slammed into a house in san jose. you could see two sports cars speeding along in this dash camera video. the white car chased the red car until moments later, watch, this. the red car slammed into a pickup, jumped a curb and flew into a house along croply avenue. >> it's pretty bad. i feel sorry for the family. the car went right into the
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living room. took out their wall, their christmas tree, all their presents, everything is gone. they have relatives over. it also crashed into their truck. so their truck was parked in the road. and it destroyed the truck as well. >> and that man plans to share his dash cam video with the homeowner. one person from the red car went to the hospital. firefighters tell us no one inside the house was hurt. no one was there, in fact. building inspectors will now check out the home to make sure that it is safe for people to live there. but what a terrible situation for those homeowners. this christmas eve, someone has answered a local couple's prayers. last night here on abc 7 news, they pleaded for the return of their stolen garden gnomes. a family treasure made by a daughter who was killed by a drunk driver. they're irreplaceable. today the grieving family got very unexpected holiday joy. here is abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom. ♪ >> reporter: the holidays were always a happy time at frank and
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janet rossini's house until they lost their daughter carolyn. >> carolyn was killed by a drunk driver two years ago. and we haven't been able to celebrate christmas. we haven't been able to put up a tree or listen to music. it's just -- it's just been hard. >> reporter: carolyn left behind a husband, three kids, and these, a pair of ceramic garden gnomes she made for her dad when she was 8 years old. >> and they were special to me. actually, she gave them to me as a christmas present. >> reporter: they live happily on the lawn until they were stolen. frank put out a sign asking for their return, but no luck. >> we haven't heard a word. i thought oh, well, it's been over a month. they're gone. >> i thought it was dead issue. >> but they just showed up? >> yeah, this morning. >> they were hoping for a christmas miracle, but it arrive on christmas eve. frank was reading the morning paper when he looked outside and couldn't believe what he saw. >> the gnomes were standing there behind the sign, looking at me.
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and i said no way! >> he carefully returned them to their rightful places. >> back in here like that. >> and wasted no time making a new sign. it reads "our faith in humanity is restored." >> and i said god bless them, because i believe that god had a lot to do with this. >> but janet thinks someone else played a role, someone who has been watching over her family and wanted them to have christmas again. >> when they showed up this year, i think it was like carolyn saying, look, get on with life, enjoy yourselves. and i got out the christmas music and put it on. and we're back. >> in concord, jonathan bloom -- ♪ born is the sing of israel >> abc 7 news. >> nice ending to that story. and a happy reunion in san francisco just in time for christmas. 2-month-old kitten arizona was
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reunited with the nibbler family late today. the family was excited to adopt the female kitten from the san francisco animal control center and bring her home for the holidays. but before they do this, could do that, rather, arizona was stolen. whoever did it has not been caught. she was found last week at a residential hotel south of market. the first order of business the nibblers say they're going to do is rename the cat to storm. which is something we need around here, but we're not going to get one. sandhya patel is here with the christmas forecast. at least smooth sailing for santa tonight. >> absolutely. since i have no storms to track, i'm tracking santa tonight. >> and good bicycle weather tomorrow and all the rest of it. >> absolutely. scooter weather. i know dan wants a scooter for christmas. a lot of kids are actually up tonight. keep your fingers crossed. and if they are watching right now, wondering where santa, let's go right to where he is. he left the north pole quite some time ago. you know he is heading west.
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he has been spotted in new york. and he is on his way out towards the west coast. so we should be seeing santa any time now. keep an eye on that. of course i am keeping an eye on our live doppler 7 hd. only high clouds passing through. no fog to speak of. no rain. and it doesn't look like we'll be seeing any rainy time soon. hilltop winds have begun to pick up. take a look right now. gusting to about 30 miles per hour in the east bay. 24 miles per hour knoxville creek. notice the direction of the wind, though. it is coming out of the northeast. that's what brought us a record temperatures, unseasonably warm weather. but this is actually concerning, because it is a drying wind. it will dry out the air mass some more. and we haven't had much rain. so there are fire concerns as we head towards the rest of this week, which includes christmas day. so just keep that in mind. from our emeryville camera, we look across the bay where the bay is just glistening tonight. 55 in san francisco. 51 in oakland.
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temperatures have dropped to 50 in san jose. redwood city 48 degrees. here is a few from our lake tahoe camera. if you're hoping for a white christmas, well, not going to quite happen as far as flakes coming down. but there is some snow on the ground. even if it is man made. 46 degrees in santa rosa. 44 napa. currently 38 and chilly in fairfield. downtown san francisco, and it's mainly clear. so we'll go with that for christmas eve. record warmth likely for christmas day. and it is a spare the air. so no wood burning is aloud. as you look at the pacific satellite picture, here is the area of high pressure that is providing us with the dry pattern. it continues right on through the rest of the week. and it now looks like we will be closing out 2013 on a drink note. so with all this unseasonably mild to warm weather, if you are heading to the coast, keep this in mind there is a beach hazard statement that goes up tomorrow afternoon. it runs until friday afternoon. long period swell could generate strong rip currents, possible sneaker waves. make sure you keep your kids
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back if they are going to check out the waves. tomorrow morning chill is only in a few spots. low to mid-30s around fairfield, santa rosa, nap pal. most other areas in the upper 30s to the upper 40s. clear start if you're going to services tomorrow morning. you might want to grab a jacket or a sweatshirt as you head towards the afternoon hours, it's hazy. it's mild. 70 degrees in san jose. los gatos in the south bay. 67 sunnyvale. you're looking at mild weather on the peninsula. it's almost warm by winter standard. downtown san francisco 66 degrees. daly city 64. north bay, plenty of 60s. cloverdale 72. 68 in santa rosa. oakland and the east bay, castor valley, 66 union city. inland spots, san ramon, pleasanton, upper 60s. 70 in livermore. hazy in antioch. accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll keep the mild weather going for thursday. and then the clouds will increase. temperatures will decrease. perhaps the air quality will improve by saturday. certainly heading closer to average by the weekend.
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and then sunday temperatures will bounce right back up. we'll keep it comfortable, dan. low to mid-60s. 2013 ending, and your new year's eve is looking dry from a weather perspective on tuesday. so 2014, i'm hoping for a major pattern change. some storms come in. >> january can often be our wettest month. >> kit be a very wet month. january, february, march is what we're albanianing on to really start pouring here and of course snowing in the mountains. >> thank you, sandhya, very much. this is the season of giving and retailers are expecting tablets to be a big gift this year. if one is on your list, you'll certainly want the abc 7 news app. one of the first thing you download. it is really handy. and abc 7 news reporter and news anchor ama daetz explains what is new. >> reporter: you already know the abc 7 news app is the place to go for all the latest news. >> breaking news in concord. >> now you can report news when it breaks. just one click and you can send all your breaking news videos
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and crazy weather videos right to our newsroom. you might just see yours on air. now you have more control over the size of the font. just pinch or squeeze, and scroll through stories faster than ever. get up-to-the-minute weather, down to the hour or watch the bay area's most experienced weather team. it's all on the new and improved abc 7 news app. >> good evening, i'm danl ashle. >> ama daetz, abc 7 news. >> our updated app is easy to download. go to abc 7 for details. coming up here, a little holiday cheer from wall street. ♪ ♪ the
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covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> wall street ran up the score today before heading home for the christmas holiday. the dow gained 62 points to set a new all-time high for the fifth consecutive trading session. the s&p 500 set a third new record, and tesla went up 6 and a half% after the government confirmed its safety rating for the sedan. here is how the new york stock exchange ended the day, with a christmas song from rock and roll hall of famer darlene love. ♪ the snow is coming down, i'm watching it fall ♪ ♪ other people around, baby please come home, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ >> merry christmas, everybody.
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god bless you. and happy new year. >> i could listen to her sing for the rest of this newscast. but we have another half hour of news to get to coming up in just a few moments. message from the vatican. pope francis celebrates his first christmas eve mass as lead over the catholic church. have i that story. also, the christmas eve spacewalk, and why nasa says this is the best christmas gift ever. and the videotaped message from fugitive whistle-blower edward
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now from abc 7 news. >> good evening once again. thanks for being here. from the vatican tonight on this
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christmas eve, a message from the new pope. pope francis' first christmas message since becoming leader of the catholic church. abc news report has the story. >> reporter: thousands gathering to watch the pope's first christmas mass. pope francis choosing his message of hope from the book of isaiah. people who walked in darkness have seen a great light. on monday, francis visited his predecessor, pope benedict xvi, wishing him a merry christmas and praying together. another extraordinary image who captivated the world with simple acts of kindness and humility. world wide webbing the little boy who hugged him and wouldn't leave his side. embracing a disfigured man, even posing for selfies with tourists. and this week reminding the faithful this season is more about presents and parties.
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christmas celebrations are also full of sound. it could be good for us to make room for silence to hear the voice of love. on christmas day, pope francis will deliver the traditional christmas blessing, or be latin for the city and the world. for the unconventional people's pope, what everyone really wants to know is how he plans to celebrate this holiday. abc news, london. thousands of pilgrims from around the world gathered in bethlehem for a festive christmas eve mass. the nearby coach of the nativity sits on the spot where the bible says jesus was born. turnout at major square was the largest ever. santa claus and christmas decorations adorned the courtyard nearby thanks to a relative of calm. tourism to bethlehem and the west bank has been growing in the past year. israeli tourism official says a record two million people visited bethlehem in 2013. ♪
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american troops celebrated christmas far from home in afghanistan. this is not the first christmas in either iraq or afghanistan for many members of the service. >> so it is difficult. but they love me, and they understand that i'm here serving our country. and so it's really not very easy. you know, it's not easy being away from my family. >> i just want the say i love everyone. i miss you, and i hope to see you soon. merry christmas. >> the coalition commander told u.s. troops they've brought the gift of opportunity to the afghan people. the international space station is getting a new cooling system for christmas. santa's helpers, also known as astronauts, mike hopkins and rick spent the morning on a dangerous spake walk replacing a massive cooling pump there was a minor issue, a small ammonia
9:34 pm
leak, but otherwise it was perfectly executed 260 miles above the earth. mission control calls it the best christmas gift ever. >> mike hopkins taking a special sleigh ride on this christmas eve, holding the 780-pound pump module. >> the astronauts tweeted some pictures back to earth showing today's mission. it was the first christmas eve spacewalk since 1999 when nasa conducted a repair to the hubbell telescope. glad it all went so well. well, we turn now to the surprise christmas message from america's most wanted fugitive, edward snowden. declaring i've already won. abc news reporter pierre thomas with new video. >> reporter: edward snowden, the fugitive whistle-blower has emerged from the shadows for a victory lap. >> hi and merry christmas. >> in this holiday message recorded for britain's channel 4, snowden is resolute, leaking nsa secrets was the right thing
9:35 pm
to do. >> privacy is what allows us to determine who we are and what we want to be. >> in fact, snowden was confident enough to tell "the washington post" he has already won. >> the conversation today will determine the amount of trust we can place both in the technology that surrounds us and the government that regulates it. >> to critics, he is a traitor. but his supporters say the christmas season has brought some good tidings. the recent days a federal judge has said the nsa collection program may be unconstitutional. and the presidential task force has called for scaling back some of the program, something the president said he is considering. >> for everyone out there listening, thank you and merry christmas. >> it looks like snowden's holiday giving spirit is far from its end. we're told only 1% of the material snowden took has been published. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. well, just ahead here tonight, 7 on your side's michael finney delivers an important christmas gift to a
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group of people who lost
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sending a letter to santa or any place else just got a little more expensive. a three-cent price hike for first class stamps was approved today, bringing the cost to send a letter now to 49 cents. the new price will take effect on january 26 and will last no more than two years. postal officials say this hike will help the struggling service recoup nearly $3 billion in losses. they're just draining money. and the cost of stamps is not the own thing going up. bulk mayor, periodicals and package rates will rise by 6%. a san jose for severely disabled adults is struggling to make life enjoyable for its
9:40 pm
residents. and among their favorite activities, watching shows on a big screen television. but this fall that set broke, and they could not get it repaired. so they were resigned to a gloomier holiday, until 7 on your side's michael finney stepped in. >> watching television is the one activity that brings residents together here at shamrock house in san jose. >> it's a good thing for the household here, because we get to connect with the outside world. >> shamrock is a home for quadriplegic adults who rarely venture outside. instead, television brings the world inside. >> it's great. watching people like they're really here. >> together the six residents watch movies, 49ers games and reality shows. >> the tv is important because instead of living in their rooms like a little bubble, they can come out here and mingle with each other. >> house manager fernando ramirez says tv and movie nights lift the spirits of lonely residents. and so it was huge blow when their lifeline to the world
9:41 pm
suddenly broke down. >> it was just completely black. >> no picture, no sound. the tv did not work. luckily, the extended warranty was still valid, but only for two more weeks. right away fernando filed a claim, and a technician came three weeks later. >> and the part wasn't the right part. so they left. >> another technician came with another part. it didn't work either. there was a third visit and a fourth. the tv still didn't work. the mood in the house turned somber. >> they were all in their rooms, which is not gad for them to stay in their rooms. >> so i found myself playing computer games a lot, which was very boring. >> it was dark. nobody was out here. it's like there was nobody living here at all. >> everybody was a little bit more sade didn't have the tv, because we had nothing to do but go to our rooms. >> reporter: fernando says the warranty company stopped sending out technicians. >> they said we weren't in the computer anymore and they weren't going to honor it. somebody told us about 7 on your
9:42 pm
side. >> we contacted sharp's warranty company, aig insurance. an agent agreed the set should have been replaced. and a few weeks later, a knock on the door. >> i was very surprised and very happy. >> we came home and hey, we got the tv. >> in an e-mail to 7 on your side, aig insurance said aig warranty works closely with its customers to resolve claims. after attempts to repair mr. ramirez's television in october and early november, aig warranty determined that the tv would need to be replaced. and it was, with this brand-new 57-inch 3-d television, even bigger than the old one. and just in time for the holidays. >> i was surprised it was actually done. >> oh, a they were all happy they got a tv. >> thank you guys very much. >> the technicians were unable to fix the tv before fernando's warranty expired. however, fernando was still entitled to coverage. why? because he filed his claim before the expiration date.
9:43 pm
and the new tv has made for a much nicer holiday for the folks at shamrock house. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> happy holidays to all of those guys at shamrock house. coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, bay area food runners
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avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new 2014 jetta. it gets an impressive 34 highway mpg and comes with no charge scheduled maintenance. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. sign. then drive.
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get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends january 2nd. visit today i'm leyla gulen with your future jam. the holidays usually mean light traffic, but they also mean lots of celebrating. remember, keep your holiday travels safe and don't drink and drive. get the latest traffic updates weekday mornings starting at 4:30. in richmond, a mother and her family are working very hard tonight so they can work even harder tomorrow by giving gifts to the needy.
9:47 pm
tonight that program is in a bit of need itself. here is abc 7 news reporter wayne friedman with more on a charity called christmas in richmond. >> we'll start with the big gifts and put them at the bottom, okay? >> it would appear to be a christmas dream come true in the courtyard marriott, overflowing with present, all given to edna campbell and her family to be passed through them. >> this is not about us. it's not about our family. it's about just giving back. >> through actions, through deeds, and some heavy lifting. edna, her daughter burgundy and the rest of the family spent this morning transferring those hundreds of gifts downstairs to a meeting room where tonight they and friends will organize, wrap, and prepare to give them all away to the people of richmond in need. >> our family has been on the other side as well. so it's a blessing to now be in the position to be able to be a blessing. >> it was just eight years ago in 2006 that edna and her family
9:48 pm
were about to become homeless through foreclosure. edna was feeling sorry for herself. at that point, burgundy sat her down and said this is a perfect time not to grieve, but to give. >> well, to take the focus off of what we were going through, reaching out and helping somebody else kind of shifted what we were going through. so it -- we thought less of what we were going through by helping someone else. >> that was the beginning of this family charity called christmas in richmond. and look what it has become. >> so right now not only do they give gift, tomorrow they will feed some 800 people. when edna found out she needed more cooks this year, she somehow convinced hometown buffet to donate hundreds of meals. and at a local chevy's restaurant, edna merely asked the general manager for a discount to supplement her own money. the restaurants have -- >> basically a penny. >> and yet there is a downside here. even amidst the generosity.
9:49 pm
because compared with other years, donations in 2013 have dropped. in previous years, they have filled this place. >> well, i'm trusting and believing that the overflow is on the way. i know it's late in the evening. but i believe it's still coming. >> if you don't already see it, edna campbell is a woman of faith. she will be here waiting, even if it takes all night. from the courtyard marriott in richmond, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> thank you, edna. well, people in minnesota will wake up to a white christmas in the morning. this is what it looks like in duluth tonight. they're expecting about 2 to 4 inches overnight. the snow will diminish to light showers or flurries late this evening through christmas day. but in duluth, minnesota, 2 to 4 inches, not too bad. they can get 2 to 4 feet pretty quickly. let's update our weather forecast one more time. sandhya patel is here with a bright sunshiny christmas it looks like. >> absolutely, dan.
9:50 pm
they have a white christmas, and we're going to have a bright christmas tomorrow. nothing but clear skies. here is a look at the christmas day forecast. tomorrow morning, starting off on the frosty cold side. chilly in spots. low 30s to upper 40s. tomorrow afternoon, it's sunshine, mid-60s to low 70s. we will likely be seeing some more record high temperatures tomorrow. so unseasonably warm. 70 in san jose. santa cruz, palo alto. 66 san francisco. half moon bay, 68 along with oakland, fremont, out towards livermore, 70 degrees. 68 in fairfield. santa rosa. 65 in map napa. 72 in cloverdale. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. spare the air alert tomorrow. we will continue to see mild weather. but cooling off a little friday, saturday as clouds increase. and then temperatures back up again. staying dry, right on through the end of 2013. the new year is what i'm keeping
9:51 pm
my fingers crossed for. >> rain for christmas. >> no, dan. >> sandhya, thank you very much. rick quan is kind enough to be here to do sports. a great game yesterday. a great finish anyway to the 49ers game. >> the night before christmas, sports teams pretty quiet. we'll talk what happened last night. 49ers coach jim harbaugh won't have to unwrap any presents tomorrow. he is still smiling over what navorro bowman gave him last night. and there was one
9:52 pm
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, a family who lost everything to fire. the recipient of selfless giving tonight. how a city's fire department, perfect strangers, and an abc 7 news viewer came together to help out. and grinch strikes a bay area family on vacation. what a group of generous police officers did to make that family's christmas just a little bit merrier. those stories and a lot more for
9:55 pm
you coming up on abc 7 news, the late addition, at 11:00 over on channel 7. rick is here with all the sports. the stick, finis. what do cow think? >> that big farewell, maybe not. thanks to yesterday's victory, the 49ers may still play another game at candlestick if they beat arizona this sunday and seattle loses to st. louis, san francisco would win the nfc west and host alay-off game. one more look at last night's wild finish. down by three with two minutes left, the falcons recover the onside kick after it gets by navorro bowman. atlanta was threatening to go ahead when jermaine brock races up the path and boom, makes the play that will live forever in 49ers lore. he brings it back 89 yards to seal the win and clinch a play-off berth. for jim harbaugh, who turned 50 yesterday, it was a perfect birthday present this afternoon. he was still raving about the play. >> he made a tremendous play. and i'll remember that until the day i die. i got it 50.
9:56 pm
50, i couldn't have had a better birthday present. right at the halfway point. i'm shooting for 100. i got it right at the halfway point. happier than a pig in slop. it's now time for vernon's view. abc 7 and vernon davis have teamed up this nfl season. every week we have special access to the 49ers star tight end. abc 7's mike shumann spoke to vernon right after the win. >> first time this year i think you haven't had a cast. how hard is that for a player to work as hard as you do and not see the ball in your hands? >> it's tough, it's tough. but i can't pout about it. i can't get upset. that was my earlier days. i just move forward. i just move forward. because a win is more important than anything when it comes to the team. >> arizona, going into their house, i don't know if you got to see them the other day. but they're playing some good defense. that's not a gimme. we'll just say that. >> hey, i mean, that's what this
9:57 pm
league is all about, you know. this is the nfl. everyone is good. you can't take no day off. no days off, nothing. but we look forward to the challenge. >> don't look for raiders head coach dennis allen and terrelle pryor's agent to exchange gifts this year. pryor's agent jerome stanley pryor was starting because he wanted to see him struggle and justify his decision to go with matt mcgloin the past five weeks. allen called it, quote, the stupidest thing he has ever heard. >> no coach in their right mind, this isn't the real housewives of beverly hills, all right. this isn't made for tv drama. okay, this is football. and we make our football decisions based solely on that. nothing other than that. >> i'm very happy that coach gave me this opportunity. i know for a fact the man coach allen is. he wouldn't do -- that doesn't
9:58 pm
even cross my mind, a possibility. so i know he wants to win. he always talks about winning. and we have a good game plan. at the hawaii bowl, boise state was without quarterback joe southwick because he allegedly urinated from a hotel balcony. southwick, who is from danville claims he is innocent, and even took a polygraph to prove it. he was still sent home. look closely, you might see larry beil out there catching a wave. the beavers got off to a fast start. shawn mannion to brandin cooks for the game's first touchdown. things would get worse for boise state. quarterback grant headrick coughs up the ball. rashard reynolds scoops it up. reynolds returned another fumble 70 yards for a touchdown. ward capped off a 31-point first half with this strong nine-yard run. oregon state wins, 38-23. the warriors will be home for christmas. they'll host the clickers tomorrow night at oracle. right now golden state is in eighth place in the western
9:59 pm
conference. but are within three games of five teams. in video provided by the warriors, head coach mark jackson was asked about trying to improve his team's position. >> when the schedule eases up, you've got to capitalize. and then when you're playing tough teams on the road, or at home, what have you, you have to make sure you keep your head above water. i like where my team is at and how we're playing right now. >> warriors going for the third straight win. i'm so excited about the warriors. go for the third straight win tomorrow night. >> thanks. it's on the list, santa. for all of us here, rick quan, sandhya patel, thank you for watching. we appreciate your time. have a merry christmas. enjoy this time with your plante family. join us again tonight if you can.
10:00 pm
[♪] wow, they found a way to make the human being even creepier. covering him in icicles. i think it's festive. yeah, my favorite christmas tradition is trimming the hellraiser. guys, found something we can watch together for christmas this year.


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